Keio Mutation Databases)
Version 1.2

An Integrated Database for Human Disease-associated
Gene Mutation and Polymorphism (HD-GMP)

Condition to use MutationView and MV4LSDB
    1.   This database is permitted to use for academic purposes only.
    2.   It is prohibited to profit by the data in this database and by showing this system.
    3.   It is not allowed to re-distribute the MV4LSDB.

To users of the new version of Java. The security of the new Java has been enhanced. The access block to MutationView can be avoided by a setting change. Click here to see the changing way.

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Now, MutationView softwares are available to be downloaded.
Using this, it is possible to construct a Locus-Specific DataBase with similar functions with MutationView.

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